Your Luxe Travel creates tours to fulfil your flights of fancy, educate you, relax you, and thrill you.

Do you want to go on an adventure, or is your thing to sit by a beautiful pool in a private villa where you can chill and bliss away? Are you hungry for new cultures, exotic foods, and amazing sites? Are you looking to go and create incredible content for your social media or business?

Maybe, just maybe, you want it all… (Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?)


Want to plan something truly special?

Come explore the possibilities when the need to get away means much more than just time off. In these tours we specialize in themed tours that include luxury wellness, female empowerment, luxury couples tours, and of course, luxury adventure.


These tours are a bit different. It's still about luxury but we feed the mind as well as the soul.

Special events and conferences that teach, inspire, and motivate with a wide range of subject matter from how to make travel your life’s goal, to how to execute the perfect collaboration, to how to manage the legal aspects of working with brands, to the art of the “entrepretour”.

We also, create content tours to some of the most lavish, exotic locations, with professional photographers, drone pilots, and stylists where the goal is to create the best content possible for your marketing needs.

I work with brands, influencers, and others wanting to step up their content game to the next level.

Interested in joining Your Luxe Travel’s group tour?